6th - 27th November 2020

Live, interactive, digital sessions

IVF Support Masterclass

Enhance your fertility skills in this 4 week IVF Support Masterclass with Rhiannon Hardingham

How to confidently consult

even if you're struggling with complex fertility cases

But first - aren't you supposed to know this stuff already?


Actually no. This information is not taught in Naturopathic programs, university level or otherwise. What you will gain from this masterclass series is clinically relevant practical application processes for preconception interventions, with specific IVF focus.


With IVF becoming increasingly common place, accounting for nearly 5% of all births in Australia & NZ, you are now more likely than ever to come across complex fertility patients in your day-to-day naturopathic general practice. However, there is little information available for you in regards to what is safe, effective & appropriate for this highly medicalised patient group.


This course is uniquely offered to practicing naturopaths with a special interest in reproductive medicine. What you will learn here is not taught like this anywhere else.  When you join this masterclass it is expected that you already have a working knowledge of standard preconception interventions and are already working with fertility patients in your clinical practice.

Is this Masterclass for you?

Find out if you need to brush up on your skills and deepen your fertility knowledge:

  • Do you feel confident that you really know what you can do when someone presents with a complex fertility history?
  • Are you up to date with the latest evidence based research regarding naturopathic interventions for this patient group?
  • Do you know what to look for in your patients test results to give you the clues for effective treatment?
  • Do you know what the red flags are that you need to identify before you prescribe supplements and herbal medicine to IVF patients and are you confident that you know what is safe to prescribe during an IVF cycle?
  • Are you communicating confidently and effectively with IVF specialists?

Get answers to all of the above and more with Fertile Ground Health Group naturopath Rhiannon Hardingham in this exclusive online masterclass, starting in ...


What you get

In this four-part series Rhiannon shares her extensive clinical knowledge with you.  You will learn all about IVF support, including the most up-to-date research supporting naturopathic interventions for this complex patient group.


Participants will receive detailed clinical assessment and treatment tools to assist in day-to-day practice, as well as up-to-date resources regarding evidence-based support for IVF patients.


On completion practitioners will be better positioned to make sense of medical fertility protocols, manage complex fertility patients, as well as confidently communicate with medical specialists regarding evidence-based interventions for improved IVF outcomes.


Participants will earn 6 CPE points.

Modules in Detail

WEEKS 1 - 2 

Specific Preconception Preparation for Your IVF Patient - Beyond the Basics.


This highly medicalised patient group have complex preconception requirements, and your ability to appropriately identify and prepare for these cases can significantly influence assisted reproductive outcomes. We will discuss clinically relevant and evidence-based testing recommendations and assessments specific for IVF, as well as the complexities of nutritional & hormonal preparation.


Naturopathic Support for ART & IVF


You will have a thorough introduction and outline of up-to-date assisted reproductive statistics and protocols. You will learn about what we’re commonly seeing now regarding standards and variations of the IVF cycle, along with clinical and evidence-based information regarding naturopathic support for each stage.


IVF- Complex Cases


In this final class you will learn about potential complications in the IVF process and how to best support your patient. We will consider appropriate intervention to increase the chance of success for those whom the odds are stacked against. This group includes poor responders, those with ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome, older couples, poor embryo quality and people with repeat IVF failure.

Did you know that up to 75% of Australian patients undergoing IVF seek the support of a CAM practitioner? And that naturopathy is one of the most sought-after modalities? (Rayner, et al., 2011).

Your Bonus Materials

  • A FREE digital copy of our preconception care book Create a Fertile Life
  • Comprehensive slides from each weekly session
  • All diagrams
  • Access to full recordings of all sessions for 4 weeks
  • PDFs of up-to-date scientific literature. 
  • Supplementation and lifestyle guides. 
  • Checklist of preconception testing recommendations.
  • Mentorship access to Rhiannon via email for the duration of the entire course to review content or case questions.
  • The opportunity to join monthly group case-based mentoring (available for past IVF Support Masterclass participants only).


Ongoing Educational Opportunities

  • Rhiannon offers ongoing individual and group mentoring if you'd like to take your education even further. Simply contact to enquire about pricing and availability.

Your Masterclass Facilitator

Rhiannon Hardingham has been at the core of the naturopathic team at FGHG for the past 10 years. She is an experienced naturopath and nutritionist, with post graduate qualifications in Fertility Education.


Rhiannon's success with fertility outcomes is a testament to her diligence and keen sense of curiosity to find answers for her patients, even in the most complex and seemingly hopeless of cases, earning her the respect of many IVF specialists in Melbourne. In 2019 Rhiannon was the first naturopath to present at the annual Fertility Society of Australia conference on the subject of naturopathic support for IVF.


She specialises in male and female infertility, IVF support and pregnancy care, and expertly supports couples and individuals in their successful efforts to overcome fertility challenges. Her care philosophy extends to supporting her patients to achieve healthy and uncomplicated pregnancies and births and healthy, happy infants and children. 


Rhiannon recognises the isolation in private practice that you may face and is keen to help you build strong relationships with other naturopaths interested in developing their fertility and IVF support practice. For this reason Rhiannon also offers you opportunities for ongoing individual and group mentoring.

Your Learning Outcomes

  • Confidence

    Feel confident when patients present with complex fertility histories. 

  • Knowledge

    Update your knowledge on the latest evidence based research regarding naturopathic interventions for this patient group.

  • Test Interpretation

    Know what to look for in your patients test results to give you the clues for effective treatment.

  • Prescribing

    Identify red flags before you prescribe supplements and herbal medicine to IVF patients and prescribe confidently during an IVF cycle. 

  • Collaborative Communications

    Communicate confidently and effectively with IVF specialists.

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Digital attendance (Zoom)


11am-12:30pm AEDT


6th - 27th Nov 2020

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Fantastic course! Thank you for so generously sharing your knowledge and experience Rhiannon. This has really fast tracked my understanding of IVF and the valuable place that Naturopathic treatments can play in this important area.

Rhiannon is a wonderful teacher and mentor. She has a way of explaining things that is easy to understand, interesting and engaging.

I liked that we could all ask questions. It is great to learn the theory but also great to get the feedback from practitioners like Rhiannon and the other practitioners on the clinical outcomes.

I loved it, found it really valuable and useful, Rhiannon's teaching style is so generous and the content so clinically relevant - really happy I was able to do this.

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