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How to Stop Your Panic Attacks Within Minutes

October 1, 2018  |  BY CARLY WOODS

Have you ever experienced a panic attack?


It can happen at the most inappropriate times and obliterates everything you were just doing.


Maybe this is something that you struggle with, like I did.


Thankfully for me my anxiety journey took an incredible turn for the better when I came across the absolute therapeutic MAGIC of Buteyko Breathing.  I quickly learned that the missing piece to my health puzzle was found in the simplicity of breathing.


My panic attacks and experiences of stress and anxiety came down to the fact that I was simply not breathing correctly.


I had dysfunctional breathing patterns that I wasn’t even aware of.


Maybe this is what’s missing for you too. Maybe you’re not breathing correctly. If you’re having consistent experiences of anxiety or stress, panic attacks, or emotional imbalance, chances are you’ve got a large space for improvement in your breathing patterns.

 I quickly learned that the missing piece to my health puzzle was found in the simplicity of breathing.

My Mental Saviour

Early on in my Buteyko Breath Therapy training I learnt a very simple technique for coming out of a panic attack within minutes.


That’s what I’m going to share with you now.


Then, like me, you can begin to fast track your way to finally taking control over your anxiety.

The Panic Relief Sequence

When you feel a panic attack coming on, or the hot tendrils of anxiety reaching out to strangle you, try the following out - it will calm you within minutes and help you to rediscover your focus and clarity.


TIP - Always breathe through your nose, not through your mouth - this is a core teaching in Buteyko

  1. Take a regular breath in through your nose

  2. Take a regular breath out through your nose

  3. Pinch your nose and hold your breath, with your lungs empty, for 5 seconds

  4. Breath in through your nose

  5. Continue breathing for 3 regular breaths

  6. Repeat this for 3 minutes

So you do that sequence for 3 minutes continuously. Gauge how you feel at the end of it. Sit or stand with your eyes closed for 1 minute (ish) and breathe normally through your nose.


Repeat the 3 minutes sequence twice more, with 1 minute breaks in between each set.


You will notice some beautiful biofeedback from your body - signs that you’re moving in the right direction and activating a relaxation response from your nervous system. Feel for things like:

  • More saliva in your mouth

  • Flushing cheeks, a hot face

  • Hot hands

  • Eyes that begin to become unfocused or glassy

Those are all signs that you’re heading in the right direction. Your nervous system is thanking you.


If you’re a video kinda person, you can also check out my Free Starter Pack of various Buteyko Breath techniques, including the Panic Relief Sequence, used particularly for nervous system nourishment (aka helping you to balance out anxiety).


So next time you’re in an anxiety pickle, drop and get breathy.  It is the easiest, simplest, most powerful immediate tool I’ve found so far to get immediate relief from intense anxiety and panic.

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Carly Woods

Carly is a Naturopath and Buteyko Practitioner in Melbourne, Australia.  She is the founder of Breath Reset  - a Buteyko centric breath retraining company.  Carly is passionate about helping people find relief from chronic conditions using the Buteyko method.

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