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Why You Need to Breathe Less

November 1, 2018  |  BY CARLY WOODS

Breathe less?


Good gracious WHY would you ever want to do that?


Well, put simply, a regular practice of breathing LESS helps to restructure your brain in a way that supports you to have a healthy nervous system balance.


So let’s break that down a bit.


By breathing less, I don’t mean ‘take short sharp breaths throughout the day and constantly feel like you’re suffocating’.


No. That’s not it.


I mean - employ Buteyko techniques I’m sharing with you to support a regular healthy breath practice, like a yoga practice, but this is your lung yoga.  


You’ll probably be surprised to learn that the majority of people actually OVER-breathe rather than breathe too little - as in, a lot of us are walking around breathing way too MUCH.

What happens to you when you breathe too much?

The right amount of Carbon Dioxide has incredible health benefits

What happens to you when you breathe too much?


Breathing too much has a lot of negative flow on effects in your body. You see, when you over breathe you let too much precious Carbon Dioxide (CO2) escape from your body.


The right amount of CO2 kept inside of you has incredible benefits to all sorts of places in your body.


Keeping slightly higher amounts of Carbon Dioxide inside your body helps with

  • Decreasing your brain excitability - less runaway brain

  • Relaxing your smooth muscle - hello to that illusion ‘chillax’ zone you’ve been chasing

  • Moving you into your parasympathetic nervous system response - i.e. facilitating the shift from you being in a ‘stress state’ into a ‘rest, relaxation, and repair state’.

  • Helping to push more oxygen into your tissues - yep, that one sounds like a paradox, ‘Breathe less for more oxygen’, but we’ll get into the nitty gritty of the science of that in another post.

How can Buteyko help you to breathe properly?

By using a Buteyko technique called ‘Reduced Breathing’, which trains your body to thrive on having a smaller, more regulated breathing volume, you’ll be supporting the systems in your body to be optimally healthy.


Make sure you access the Free Starter Pack of Buteyko Breath techniques that I teach for anxiety and stress relief (on my homepage) - this is a digital pack that's filled with 3 super easily implementable techniques that you can use straight away to enact positive change in your health.


As you integrate the exercises I am teaching you into your daily breath practice, you should start to feel your mind balance. You should start to notice less peaks and troughs in your mood, less stress and anxiety experiences - which is really just you being able to manage them better. They haven’t gone away, you’re just more resilient.


Well done!

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Carly Woods

Carly is a Naturopath and Buteyko Practitioner in Melbourne, Australia.  She is the founder of Breath Reset  - a Buteyko centric breath retraining company.  Carly is passionate about helping people find relief from chronic conditions using the Buteyko method.

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