Free - Infertility & IVF

Counselling Webinar

Build confidence in sitting with fertility challenges

with Perinatal & Fertility Counsellor, Suzanne Hurley

Are you a health professional and keen to enhance your confidence and capacity to help your clients?

As health professionals, we are faced with a variety of deeply complex issues. We meet people in some of the most vulnerable stages of their life and accept a large responsibility every time we step into a session with our clients.


I believe that the most exceptional levels of care are born out of constant curiosity - a drive to continuously enhance our deep understanding of what our clients are going through and how best to support them. I have also identified that practitioners are calling out for more clinical support in this space and I am compelled to offer insights from my extensive experience and expertise in this area to contribute to upskilling my professional colleagues.


In this free 30 minute webinar I will share clinical insights from my decades as a Perinatal & Fertility Counsellor and help you learn how to better attend to your clients on multiple levels.

Your Learning Outcomes

  • Confidence

    Feel better prepared to respond to clients facing fertility challenges

  • Knowledge

    Learn about what clients find helpful and unhelpful

  • Be Effective

    Key strategies to help your clients cope with uncertainty

  • Resourced

    Know what you can offer clients for additional support

Who is this for?

This webinar is open to all health professionals, in particular those counsellors, psychologists and supporting practitioners who are integral to the healthcare team of clients facing infertility and IVF.

What do you get?

  1. Live 30 minute facilitated session with Perinatal & Fertility Counsellor, Suzanne Hurley (online)
  2. Opportunity to ask questions and have them answered in the live session.
  3. Resources to upskill your clinical practice, bolster your sense of confidence when engaging with clients and enhance your standards of care.
Free Infertility & IVF Counselling webinar with Suzanne Hurley


  • Laptop or device for joining class

  • Comfortable space that will be uninterrupted

  • Questions submitted prior to live session (instructions on how to submit questions comes by email after you register for the event)

Free Infertility & IVF Counselling webinar with Suzanne Hurley




This is an initiative to contribute to exceptional standards of care in our profession.

Meet Suzanne

Suzanne Hurley free infertility & IVF counselling webinar, Fertile Ground Health Group

Suzanne Hurley works as a Perinatal & Fertility Counsellor in private practice at Fertile Ground Health Group, Melbourne, Australia.


She has a unique specialist focus on reproductive loss, infertility, and IVF support. Over 20 years she has worked in perinatal mental health with the Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA) National Helpline, in unplanned pregnancy at The Women’s Hospital’s Pregnancy Advisory Service and Marie Stopes Australia's National Counselling Service with Melbourne Pregnancy Counsellors & Adora Fertility Clinic.


Suzanne also works at Austin Health’s Psychiatric Unit in the Parent Infant Program as a Dance Movement & Play Therapist.  She provides Clinical Supervision to health professionals, having trained in the Wheel of Supervision with the Centre for Existential Practice, and presents at conferences on fertility related matters.

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