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We believe that bodies and minds thrive when given the right ingredients. 


With health there is endless possibility, multiple angles for fine tuning and a plethora of ways to start to feel better. We want to help you feel your radiant vitality shining through.


We are proudly Melbourne's first prescription-only naturopathic dispensary, serving the Fertile Ground Health Group patients and practitioners, as well as filling prescriptions for Naturopaths all over Australia.


In everything we do at The MA (as we fondly call it) we strive to be an example of what is possible, because when we lean and lead into this space life lights up in all sorts of ways, creating more joy, healing, happiness, transformation, growth, satisfaction and inspiration in our lives.


We are dedicated to helping you improve your healthWe meet you where you're at and support you through the transformation that you're looking for.

Our mission is to keep empowering you with information and opportunities to help you transform your health

Our Practitioners

Our practitioners are here to help you find better health. Find what you need below.


Click on any of the following modalities to be taken to our practitioner biographies. The Melbourne Apothecary is a sister practice to Fertile Ground Health Group - when you click you will be taken to the Fertile Ground website to read more about how our practitioners can help you.

Free 10 minute consults with Fertile Ground and The Melbourne Apothecary

To support community health a selection of our brilliant practitioners  are offering you FREE 10 minute Naturopathic and Nutrition consults.


These consults are for anyone who needs preventative wellness strategies for immunity, symptomatic relief for acute conditions and general health enquiries. You will, of course, be referred if needed for more complex issues/conditions.


To register for your free digital consult simply head to the link below and scroll to Naturopathy or Nutrition and choose 'FREE 10 minute Consult PHONE/ONLINE'




Every Monday night Nutritionist and Yogi, Jane Holland, runs a Deep Sleep online yin yoga class.


This practice has been born out of a desire to help people to more fully ‘inhabit’ themselves and move into deep restfulness. Most of us walk around in this container we call our body, completely oblivious (or mostly) to what is actually happening inside. We are often so preoccupied with what is happening TO us, that we miss what is happening WITHIN us. 


Yin yoga is a juicy, nourishing and very honest practice, that allows you to melt into yourself and really feel what is going on inside. Long-held postures stimulate your fascia (your network of living connective tissue), support you to relax your nervous system and enable you to connect deeply into presence.


By stimulating your fascial network, your energetic pathways (called meridians in Chinese Medicine) are also awakened and areas of stagnant ‘chi’ (energy) can be released, unlocking emotions, moving what is no longer serving you and supporting overall health of the body, mind and spirit.


This class has been running since COVID began and has formed a dedicated community of people interested in regulating their nervous systems with the convenience of falling asleep on their own pillow and achieving deep, restful sleep. You're most welcome to join - your first class is free.

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