New BOOK Reveals How To CONCEIVE

...Even if you're struggling with your FERTILITY

Create A Fertile Life - the book!

Gina Fox

Charmaine Dennis

Rhiannon Hardingham

Tina Jenkins

Milly Dabrowski

From the desk of Gina Fox, Charmaine Dennis, Rhiannon Hardingham, Tina Jenkins, and Milly Dabrowski.



Dear Friend,


If you want to have a baby, this will be the most important book you'll ever read.


For those of you who know us and have been waiting for this book - you can skip the rah-rah and get right to your purchase via the coloured buttons below.


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For those of you who don't yet know us - we've been writing this important book for the last six years. 


Our intention is to inspire you to change your life for the best outcomes for the health of yourself, your baby, and your future family.  Read on for ALL the details about this brilliant book and how to enhance your fertility.

But first, isn't it easy to get pregnant?

For some people yes, it is easy to fall pregnant. In fact, most of us spend our lives trying not to get pregnant! So it can come as a shock when it isn't easy or it takes longer than we planned or expected.


If you already have your healthy family then avert your gaze - this is not the book for you.


However, if pregnancy is not happening quite so breezily for you, then read on - these practical fertility insights are going to blow your mind.  


Hello happy family, goodbye fertility frustration. 


So with that understood ... let us jump right in and show you how this book can help you make your healthy, happy babies.

Exactly What You're Getting

You may have tried conceiving already, or you may have just started to think about embarking on your baby making journey.


You may be finding that your fertile potential is not quite getting you over the conception line, you may have already started IVF, or perhaps you simply want to make the changes necessary to ensure that your baby making materials are as healthy as possible before getting down to business.


That's what we're here to help you with.


This book is a culmination of near 20 years of clinical experience in fertility fine-tuning by the practitioners at the renowned Fertile Ground Health Group in East Melbourne, Australia.


This is unlike any pre-conception book you've ever read.


We go into the practical details of evidence-based, clinically-proven changes and guidelines that you can implement to make progress right now.


It's inspiring. 

And it's easy to read.


At over 400 pages, you can be certain that this preconception bible has not only has the guidelines, insights, and tips that you need to achieve a healthy pregnancy, but also detailed answers to so many of your fertility questions.

And it's about MORE than just a book.

This book gives you access to a whole TEAM of practitioners who can help you achieve your goals.  We don't just love you and leave you - we give you access to resources that you can use to further support your pregnancy plans and family life.


This book is inclusive - we consult with people from all walks of life.  In our clinic we have supported single people, couples, rainbow families, and people from all ages in the reproductive spectrum, to achieve their dreams of making a healthy family. 


What's more, you can use the foundational guidelines and systems outlined in this book to create your own healthy life, not just that of your new baby. You can use many of these practical insights to support the heath of your family for years to come.


So like we've mentioned, there's more to this little book than "just" giving you a few handy tips to help you fall pregnant. Here's what you're getting...

  • Understand how to reduce your risk factors, optimise the environment in which your eggs, sperm and embryo develop on your way to creating the most positive outcome possible: a sweet, healthy baby.

  • You should aim to be your healthiest self during pregnancy, right? WRONG! We teach you how to have your healthiest pregnancy by being ready months BEFORE you even conceive.

  • The one thing you should NEVER do when you're trying to fall pregnant. (Hint: It's one of the things that some "pros" are still advising is ok).

  • Learn how you can work towards achieving a quality embryo for your healthy pregnancy (at least half of all miscarriages are due to chromosomally abnormal embryos..)

  • When it's OK to make unhealthy choices while you're trying to fall pregnant...and why it sometimes feels deserved!! (Hint: It's never ideal. We show you how to navigate towards healthy terrain in a sustainable, gratifying way, doesn't that sound interesting?)

  • Get the Top Tips at the end of every chapter to help you get straight into action.

  • Be guided towards maximising your health and well-being so that fertility can regain its place nearer the top of your physical hierarchy.

  • Discover the medically-researched, dirty details on prominent factors that impact directly on your fertility and outcomes.

  • Easy, thorough questionnaires to find out the most important information you need to start with right now.

  • Reported side effects of reading this book have included: improved aging (anti-aging), increased energy, healing or improvement of chronic health issues, stress reduction, weight loss, sleep enhancement, reduced disease risk… and that's not even all of it! The investment you make in your health now will have consequences well into advanced age.

And much, much, more!

But you know what you'll really love?

The Anti-aging Bonus

Now look. Life happens. We see it whirring by just as quickly as you do. Sometimes it feels like there's not enough time in a day, let alone time in this life to create a healthy family. But this is not just about the ingredients required to make a baby.


The systems and guidelines we give in this book lay the foundations for preconception health, yes, and they ALSO have an incredible anti-aging benefit to your entire body.


When you apply the advice we give in the book, two things will happen.


First, you'll be well on your way to creating your internal environments to support your healthy conception. 


This is really important for you because it sets you up for learning how you can influence your outcomes with the choices you make. It's not about luck - it's about laying the right foundations and we will show you how. 


The next thing you'll notice is this:


The incredible anti-aging benefits!


You'll feel more energetic, your cellular health will improve, your physical and cognitive performance will increase, and your sleep will become more magnificently restorative to your entire body.


That's because your body works as an integrated system and all the little changes that you make open big influential well-being doors. You may well feel better than you have felt for years. 


When you do this work, people start to comment that you are looking well, your skin and eyes are brighter and the changes to your energy and stamina are noticeable too.


Are you ready to get started?


Here's What To Do Next

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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and we look forward to seeing you soon with a copy of your book in hand 📖


Warmest family making regards,

Gina, Charmaine, Rhiannon, Tina and Milly



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We're offering you a 400+ page book written by natural fertility experts with over 200 researched references that outlines exactly what you need to do to create your healthy family ... even if you're already struggling.


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