Deep Sleep

with Jane Holland

Yin Yoga for Restoration

Deep Sleep

Have you been struggling to get a good night’s sleep?


Are you craving a deep meditative practice to support you to drop down more deeply into your body and regulate your nervous system? 


Yoga teacher, educator and facilitator, Jane Holland, has designed this Deep Sleep practice to guide you into your body to fully inhabit sensation, find release and arrive in spaciousness. It is an exploration of what is present in your mind, body and spirit, and an opportunity to simply ‘be with’ what arises. 


Using yin yoga postures, gentle breathing techniques and meditation, Jane supports, holds, and guides you to find a ‘tender edge’ where you are able to notice what is rising, feel it fully and then surrender into sensation and stillness. She draws on her extensive experience as a yoga teacher and international retreat facilitator where she has lead hundreds of students into this deep rest practices, holding space for whatever is present in a non-judgemental, compassionate and nourishing way.


The classes are available as drop-in or monthly pass and are a beautiful way to start your week with a deep restful sleep, setting you up with a calm and focused mind, supple body and inner vibrancy.

Why Yin Yoga?

This practice has been born out of a desire to help people to more fully ‘inhabit’ themselves. Most of us walk around in this container we call our body, completely oblivious (or mostly) to what is actually happening inside. We are often so preoccupied with what is happening TO us, that we miss what is happening WITHIN us. 


Yin yoga is a juicy, nourishing and very honest practice, that allows you to melt into yourself and really feel what is going on inside. Long-held postures stimulate the fascia (your network of living connective tissue), support you to relax your nervous system and enable you to connect deeply into presence. By stimulating the fascial network, the energetic pathways (called meridians in Chinese Medicine) are also awakened and areas of stagnant ‘chi’ (energy) can be released, unlocking emotions, moving what is no longer serving you and supporting overall health of the body, mind and spirit.


Instead of using your body to get into a pose, you use the pose to get into your body.


The mantra throughout this as you are deeply steeped in a state of release, is ‘allow allow allow’. 


And what is even better? You can do it all from your living room (zoom classes) – to explore and really ‘drop in’ in the safety of your home space.


Yin is all about allowing yourself to find a shape with your body (the posture), soften into the sensation (feeling), and let gravity to do the rest (stillness).

Who can come?

Absolutely anyone wanting to connect in and rest their body and mind, explore what being in sensation and presence feels like, and looking for a good night’s sleep.


This series has been developed in collaboration with renowned Fertile Ground Health Group for The Melbourne Apothecary. Anyone and everyone is welcome. 


Women at the beginning of, or during (any stage of) the journey of motherhood may find this class particularly nourishing.


This is a safe space for everyone and it is expected that all who attend bring to it their respect and integrity in support of every other person in class. We love keeping the connections beautiful.

Deep Sleep with Jane Holland at The Melbourne Apothecary
Deep Sleep with Jane Holland at The Melbourne Apothecary

What's included

All sessions are guided by voice and visuals with a basis on safe, nourishing and deeply relaxing yin yoga postures.


If you choose to register on a monthly membership will also have exclusive access to the recordings of each class (video + audio) for 30 days after each class. This is for those moments when you might miss a class, or when you wish to repeat a scrumptious sequence multiple times throughout the week.


Deep Sleep is a practice all about activating your parasympathetic nervous system (the opposite of your stress response) and providing an environment where your body can soften and yield into various shapes.


After the practice, you can simply slide into your bed ready for a deep slumber…

Deep Sleep with Jane Holland at The Melbourne Apothecary


Monthly Membership

- Weekly classes

- Class recordings


per person including GST


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Drop In


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for the 'rest' of your life

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Jane Holland at The Melbourne Apothecary - Yin Yoga

"Gentle, honest and raw. A full body experience on not only a physical, but also an emotional level as well. A class with Jane will open you up to the truths that you may not even have known existed within your being."

~ Gemma Farrell, Sydney


"Jane's yin yoga is a life enhancing healing balm. Her soulful depth and understanding of gentle edges is profoundly restorative and revealing. This class is a must for anyone seeking deep rest, insight and peace amidst a busy life..."

~ Jo Brown, Northern Rivers


"I wanted to share what Rich said last night after our yin yoga class with you... "what a gift to my body but also to my mind and to my soul." And, this morning... he has a new spring in his step. He's sold. He has struggled with his lower back for years (he is very physical with his work -- building, bending) and now he feels years younger. A fine dance, but he's far more in tune with his body, even though he practices with you just once per week."

~ Valerie Deutsch, California


"If you have the chance to join Jane‘s yin yoga sessions, you should not miss it. Jane has the extraordinary gift to make her sessions much more than just "sessions". She makes us feel comfortable and safe from the first moment when we join the session via Zoom. She leads us through the postures which always have a special theme in common. While we are in our postures, she sometimes reads short passages from books or quotes which perfectly match the theme. Or she explains certain connections between body, mind and soul, which are important within the theme. So, Jane does not only "teach" yin yoga. She makes her immersions a full body, mind and soul experience which is something at least I have never experienced before. After every practice, life is good and I am fully connected to myself and feel an inner peace that is invaluable. Overall, I cannot recommend Jane as a yin yoga teacher highly enough. Even though we join her immersions ‚only from remote via Zoom, Jane has the gift to make those sessions something truly magical.“

~ Nick Miescher, Bern, Switzerland

Meet Jane

Find out a little bit more about your teacher, Jane Holland

Jane Holland at The Melbourne Apothecary - Yin Yoga

Jane Holland

Yin Yoga Teacher, International Retreat Facilitator and Educator

Hi. I’m Jane. If you’ve found your way here, welcome! It’s taken me a long time to find my way here too if I’m honest. Two degrees, a whole lot of travel, a bunch of different homes in various places, and a fair amount of soul searching! For this reason, I know what it feels like to be finding a way back home to myself. Which makes me passionate about supporting others to do the same.


I’m a degree qualified Nutritionist (Bachelor of Health Science) and trained in both Hatha and Yin Yoga (since 2011). I use my technical knowledge and understanding in both areas, together with my intuition, to find and create tools that support people in creating change in their lives. What inevitably unravels when working with clients however, doesn’t always ‘fit’ into one of these specific modalities. First and foremost, I meet people where they are. And we explore what opens up from there.

  • Melbourne, VIC, Australia



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No refunds, however you are welcome to use your pass for any class, or gift your pass to another person if you'd like.

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