Responding to Reproductive 

Loss & Grief

Build confidence in your clinical skills when clients present with complex reproductive challenges

This 3 week Seminar Series is designed for all health professionals, in particular those counsellors, psychologists and supporting practitioners who are integral to the healthcare team of clients facing complex reproductive challenges. In it you will explore how to respond to reproductive loss and grief, as well as the nuances required. Suzanne will share her extensive experience and expertise in this area, helping you to understand when and how to offer the support needed, ultimately building your confidence, deepening your clinical skills and helping you to be more effective in your practice.


Perinatal and Fertility Counsellor, Supervisor and Dance/Movement Therapist Suzanne Hurley, is highly regarded for her professional expertise. She believes that the most exceptional levels of care are born out of constant curiosity - a drive to continuously enhance deep understanding of what clients are going through and how best to support them.

Is this Seminar Series for you?

What you get

Modules in Detail

WEEK 1 - Infertility & IVF Counselling Support


Deepen your skills in responding to the multi-layered themes that arise in infertility and IVF counselling support.

  • Case studies will be used to highlight these themes.
  • Resources will be provided to further expand your in-session work.

WEEK 2 - Struggles with Parenthood


Learn how to identify likely key contributing factors when your client is not enjoying parenthood.  

  • Learn how to better enter the world of the client and find relevant meaning-making material.
  • Explore and discuss available interventions, programs and groups to further address therapeutic needs, such as the couple dynamic and the role of play for the infant/parent connection.

WEEK 3 - Post-abortion Counselling


Post-abortion counselling is not for the faint-hearted.

  • From a feminist framework, learn how to anchor the story in the pre-abortion decision making, engender client responsibility in the decision they made and help to map out the path forward.
  • Case studies with common themes will be discussed and post-abortion resources offered.
Masterclass, Suzanne Hurley, Fertile Ground Health Group
Masterclass, Suzanne Hurley, Fertile Ground Health Group

Your Facilitator

Suzanne Hurley Responding to Reproductive Grief & Loss Seminar Series, Fertile Ground Health Group

Suzanne Hurley works as a Perinatal & Fertility Counsellor in private practice at Fertile Ground Health Group, Melbourne, Australia.


She has a unique specialist focus on reproductive loss, infertility, and IVF support. Over 20 years she has worked in perinatal mental health with the Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA) National Helpline, in unplanned pregnancy at The Women’s Hospital’s Pregnancy Advisory Service and Marie Stopes Australia's National Counselling Service with Melbourne Pregnancy Counsellors & Adora Fertility Clinic.


Suzanne also works at Austin Health’s Psychiatric Unit in the Parent Infant Program as a Dance Movement & Play Therapist.  She provides Clinical Supervision to health professionals, having trained in the Wheel of Supervision with the Centre for Existential Practice, and presents at conferences on fertility related matters.

Your Learning Outcomes

  • Confidence

    Feel better prepared to respond to clients facing fertility challenges

  • Knowledge

    Learn about what clients find helpful and unhelpful

  • Be Effective

    Key strategies to help your clients cope with uncertainty

  • Resourced

    Know what you can offer clients for additional support

  • Collaborative Communications

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Responding to Reproductive Grief & Loss

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Suzanne brings the same thoughtfulness, humour, plain speaking and compassion to training other care providers as she does to her counselling work. Her years of practice wisdom across a range of settings is evident from her discussions of the work and its many complexities. But for me, the key strengths of Suzanne's teaching practice is in her modelling of vulnerability, curiosity and determination to keep learning, and to keep pushing for better in the ways that we care for our clients, their families, ourselves and each other.


- Sarah Marlowe, PANDA Education and Training Coordinator

Suzanne is an engaging and authentic presenter who speaks from her vast experience in working with women during each and every stage of their various reproductive journeys. Her knowledge of counselling women in their life stages, from unintended pregnancy to infertility to the antenatal and postnatal  periods is evident in her informative and nuanced presentations.


- Trish Hayes, Melbourne Pregnancy Counsellors

I love Suzannne's presentation style. I detect such empathy and compassion in the way she speaks of different scenarios and situations. Her honesty and integrity is clear with every word she speaks and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for her services. She clearly has a wonderful communication style that will immediately put people at ease and help realise that she is an authority in her area . I have also felt deeply listened to and enjoyed honest feedback.


- Sarah Wheeler, Buteyko Practitioner

I have had the pleasure of seeing Suzanne Hurley presenting her knowledge and insights in relation to pregnancy support counselling and unintended pregnancy counselling. Her presentation style is engaging and inclusive. She demonstrates such passion and wisdom for the work that she has committed herself to for the past 20 years. I have left Suzanne's presentations with new insights into my own counselling practice and feeling renewed reinvigoration for my own work.


- Chanel Keane, Accredited Mental Health Social Worker