Melbourne in November 2019

Byron Bay in December 2019

Make Your Way

Find deep rest, clarity & direction

One day, full immersion

How to find deep rest, clarity & direction even if you're feeling challenged by life overwhelm

But first, aren't we all just supposed to have our life entirely on track?


For some unicorns, SURE. Life is a jumping castle of opportunities, aglow with enlightenment, and a place where 'knowing life direction' come with innate ease.


If this is you, read no further. We clap at you and pat your resplendent rainbow mane.


For others of us mere mortals, life can be splattered with a hefty array of challenges.  When faced with these challenges we have 2 options:

  1. Become unravelled, overwhelmed, stuck, resentful, anxious, insular, disheartened and weathered.
  2. Learn how to USE these challenges to your powerful and passionate benefit, steering your life boat in the direction of your purpose.

'How how HOW do I do this?!?' we hear you say...


Well that's what this immersion is all about. 


We're here to help reacquaint you with your own internal compass and show you how you can elevate yourself out of quagmires of challenge with the precision and grace of a bird taking flight from a cliff top. We're not just talking about a once-off by the way. We're talking repeatable, powerful, simple tools, actions and mindset shifts that you can learn to use to your life expanding advantage.


Looking forward to having you join in on this journey.

Charmaine Dennis & Carly Woods

Naturopaths, facilitators, speakers, retreat runners, business women, life lovers

Ego says, ‘Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel at peace.’

Spirit says, ‘Find your peace and then everything will fall into place.’

Marianne Williamson

Find deep rest, clarity, and direction

What if you had the opportunity to reimagine your life?

Sometimes all you need is the freedom to look at your current reality from a different perspective, to explore all of your endless possibilities from a refreshed vantage point.


It’s time to STOP.  It’s time to ASK yourself:

  • How do you want to feel?

  • Where do you want to be?

  • Who do you want to be?

Clarity unveils in the stillest places, and it's in this space of deep rest that you come to nurture your authentic self, to discover your purpose and to pave your way forward.


The rest of your juicy life is patiently waiting for you. Will you join us to make your way there?


The next full day immersion is happening in... 


Focus on you

This immersion is carefully crafted to support, nourish, and facilitate your re-emergence toward the life that you long to live.


You will come away feeling rested, rejuvenated, and equipped with the tools, techniques and strategies you need for ongoing healthy self-care and self-discovery. Through expertly curated workshop-style process, we support you to delve deeply and help you find answers to your big life questions. You will get clarity and start to imagine the possibility of living the life of your dreams – from a place of brimming fullness rather than running on empty.


In this one day immersion, we blend reflective self-enquiry processes with unique and powerful explorations of meditation and visualisation, deep introspection and connection processes, kundalini shake, and nervous system nourishing guided Buteyko breathing.


We are deeply passionate about self-care and this is reflected in the program. This is an opportunity for you to slow down, to learn techniques for immediate deep rest, to reconnect with yourself, feel a sense of rejuvenation, possibility, and find clarity about how you want to move forward in your life.


2020 here you come!!


Our day long immersion runs from 10am-5pm




  • 9.30am-9.45am arrival for 10am start


  • 10am - 11.55am → processes to facilitate your deep rest & perspective on current circumstances/challenges


  • 11.55am → 15mins 





  • 12:10pm - 1pm → learn techniques to bring about powerful and consistent change in your life, as well as nourishing daily practices to balance your nervous system.


  • Includes time for a swim (for Byron participants) or barefoot walk through the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens (for Melbourne participants)





  • 2.00pm - 3.45pm → Crunch time - we help you to uncover your current obstacles, develop strategies to move through them, and shake off what is no longer serving you in your life.


  • 3.45pm →10 mins 





    • 3.55pm - 5pm → Learn skills and experience facilitated processes that introduce you to your future self (that fancy, confident, passionate, skilled version of you who is leaning into conscious mastery of your unfolding life path)


    • Beach / garden sunset time!!



      FOOD DETAILS - Single Ingredient Feast

      Lunch will be a creative and collaborative coeliac friendly (GF) feast. Details arrive to your inbox on us - it will be WONDERFUL! Oh enigma enigma.


      Healthy snack platters and herbal tea provided for your morning and afternoon tea.


        • Take-home recordings of the guided meditations
        • Take-home recordings of the buteyko breathing sequences to use at the drop of a restorative hat.
        • Enhancement PDFs of Buteyko sequences

          Location Options

          This one day immersion is being offered in both the nurturing cocoon of The Studio at Fertile Ground Health Group (Melbourne), as well as in the beautiful Parkes Avenue Dispensary, recently opened by trail blazing naturopath and renowned podcaster, Jules Galloway (Byron Bay).

          Fertile Ground Health Group, Melbourne



          Date: Sunday November 17th

          Time: 10am - 5pm

          Location: Fertile Ground Health Group, Melbourne, VIC

          Bring: your bare feet for a mindful walk in the Fitzroy Gardens

          Parkes Avenue Dispensary, Byron Bay



          Date: Sunday December 8th

          Time: 10am - 5pm

          Location: Parkes Avenue Dispensary, Byron Bay, NSW

          Bring: bathers and towel for an optional cool-down swim

          Your Facilitators

          My name is Charmaine Dennis. I am the founding director of a wonderful natural medicine practice called Fertile Ground Health Group in Melbourne, Australia. I am also a naturopath, author, speaker, yoga teacher, meditator, facilitator, lover and mum.


          9 years ago, my busy, passionate life was turned upside down by a sudden diagnosis of cancer - acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Since my "all clear", I have had to work out how to re-engage with life and my work in a completely new way. Old habits do indeed die hard and it really is true - nothing changes if nothing changes. 


          I have been running immersions with naturopath Gill Stannard in Bali for burnt out health practitioners for the past 3 years, with people questioning why they are doing what they are doing, and discovering how to move forward in a more authentically connected way, with re-invigorated sense of purpose.


          I believe that taking time to slow right down is essential. We need space to reflect more deeply and ask the beautiful questions of ourselves and each other, to share experience and story and learn that we are not as alone as we can sometimes feel. We need space to really listen to our own inner wisdom and discover how we can align our lives to something more authentic and true for us. We need space to feel all the possibility of being alive.


          This work is a total joy for me, especially working alongside my partner Carly Woods. I am thrilled to share it with you.


          Contact me via for any clarification, comments, or questions.

          My name is Carly Woods.  I’m a naturopath, buteyko breathing therapist, speaker, facilitator, bodyworker, surfer, seeker, and wild living-room dancer. I lovingly refer to myself as a ‘practopath’ because I believe that practical, fun, simple and powerful actions are the best ways towards the results we want in our lives.


          For the majority of my adult existence I struggled with daily anxiety, panic attacks and overwhelm. This affected my ability to socialise, my confidence in jobs, compromised my personal relationships, and was a giant flashing obstacle that trickled toxic tendrils of restriction into my life until I felt suffocated enough to take some serious brain and breath retraining action.


          Since then, I have maintained a passionate course on the curiosity train for self-development and I LOVE sharing what I have found with others.  Over the last couple of years I’ve facilitated multiple immersive workshops in Byron Bay, Sydney, and Melbourne, spoken at the 11th Herbal and Naturopathic International Conference 2019, and am currently amidst creating books and meditation courses for your ultimate nervous system balancing delight. 


          It is my absolute pleasure to help you achieve resounding wellbeing alongside my wonderful partner Charmaine.


          Contact me via for any clarification, comments, or questions.


          Find the option that’s right for you.

          Melbourne Immersion


          per person including GST

          Sunday November 17th


          Collaborative feast & snacks included

          Byron Bay Immersion


          per person including GST

          Sunday December 8th


          Collaborative feast & snacks included

          Interested but not yet ready?

          We are creating juicy workshop and retreat experiences that will be offered both locally, interstate and internationally. 

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          I can say from my own experience of attending one of Charmaine’s immersions... there were so so many defining moments and so much space to Be simply present. When we are given the space to just Bathe and Be in the perfectness that we are, there is the opportunity for so much peace.

          Chris Carley, 2017 Bali Participant

          You are lucky to be taught by Carly and experience her uplifting energy, empathy and passion.

          Mim Beim, Naturopath & Buteyko Breathing Educator

          I'm so thrilled Charmaine is doing this. I know it's her heart-work. I loved attending the practitioner immersion in Bali and I'm sure this will also be an amazing soul-enriching experience for all who attend.

          Liza Oats, 2019 Bali Participant

          Carly shares her knowledge generously, clearly, honestly and precisely. It’s all woven in her own fun quirky style.  Carly is a gem and I would recommend her for assisting your journey, from children to elders alike.

          Mel, Business Owner - Byron Bay

          This immersion is going to be so very special. Charmaine is so very gifted at running workshops .. I can’t recommend highly enough .. 🤗❤️

          Sarah Goldberg, 2017 Bali Participant

          Through using just some of the many simple techniques Carly taught us in the workshop, I wake more refreshed, with more energy and clarity, and I have been able to prevent the development of a panic attack on a couple of occasions. The workshop imparted so much practical information without ever being overwhelming. There was a great balance of theory and practical exercises, to keep us engaged and understand why we were doing each technique. I would recommend this class to anyone.

          Jessie, Naturopath - Byron Bay

          The immersion experience with Charmaine played a big part in the giant steps happening in my life right now. She is a sincerely inspired person that I would recommend you invest in if you want to jump into your full potential.

          Suzanne Hurley, 2018 Bali Participant

          Carly is a consummate professional in helping others to breathe functionally.

          Patrick McKeown, Founder of Buteyko Clinic International

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