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According to the UK Mental Health Foundation

In 2018, 74% of people felt so stressed that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope

Do you experience stress to the point of overwhelm?

Upcoming Workshops

Slow down to speed up.


Sometimes all you need is to stop.


Freedom is found in the space between stimulus and response (Viktor Frankl). So we must create the space in our lives in order to find our own freedom.  


What is your current reality?

Do you want to find a different perspective on what's going on for you?

Do you crave deep rest and restoration - time just for YOU?


Clarity unveils in the stillest places, and it's in this space of deep rest that you come to nurture your authentic self, to reignite your vitality and to pave your way forward.


That's where we come in - we are dedicated to teaching you practices for deep rest so that you can sustain your own vitality and move forward with more of a 'slam dunk' and self-care vibe, rather than feeling like gum on the bottom of a shoe.


Looking forward to slowing you down.


🙌🏻❤️✨Carly & Charmaine ✨❤️🙌🏻


Make Your Way

Byron Bay NSW, & Melbourne VIC

December 2019

Enhance Your Sleep

Kyneton & Melbourne, VIC

May 2019

Breathe Easy

Kyneton & Melbourne, VIC

September 2019

Clear Your Stress & Anxiety

Kyneton & Melbourne, VIC

April 2019

Sunday Stillness

Brunswick Heads, NSW

July 2018

Soothe Your Digestion

Kyneton & Melbourne, VIC

June 2019

Friday Feel Good

Newtown, Sydney, NSW

September 2018

Stress Immersion

Brunswick Heads, NSW

June 2018



Book your private consultation with me at Fertile Ground Health Group in East Melbourne if you're looking for a more individualised approach.


Consultations can either be digital (Zoom or Skype) or in person (East Melbourne, VIC)


Upcoming Group Events

I offer 1 hour, 2 hour, half day, and full day workshops tailored to your needs.


I also offer once yearly workshops for each of the following

  1. stress & anxiety
  2. digestive issues
  3. sleep issues
  4. respiratory issues

Check out what's coming up in current offerings.


Tailored Group Workshops

This option is for those of you who want double the content for half the price.


Your personal group workshop is tailored to what you need. I take bookings for groups of 5-20 people. 


You will receive a 2 hour session with me for $97 per person.


These Buteyko Workshops are ideal for corporate groups, community groups, or even groups of friends motivated to get their health on track with practical, simple, and powerful nervous system balancing techniques.


This event can take place in your place of work, or we will organise another space fitting to the number of people you’re looking to book in for.


Get in touch with me for more information on how Buteyko therapy can supercharge your personal health, productivity, and focus.


I look forward to having a chat with you, and creating a workshop that is tailored to your needs


Breath Reset collaborates with other incredible health companies to bring you a rounded, expressive, and holistic experience.


If you run a health company and you’re keen to create something together please do get in touch – I love to roll collaboratively and will very much enjoy hearing from you.



Breathe Your Way to Better Health – Nervous System Nourishment and the Clinical Application of Buteyko


Saturday March 30th, 2019, 11am-12.30pm        

65 Queens Rd, Albert Park VIC

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